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Quality policy

The management of Balog-Metál Kft. declares its commitment to quality, which is expected from all employees and suppliers of the company.

Our goal is that the quality of our products is fundamentally determined by the needs of the customer, therefore our management strives to ensure the current personal and material conditions at a level that provides a suitable background for our customers satisfaction and the future of our employees.

1. To this end, we continuously improve our production, train our employees regularly, develop their professional knowledge and increase their commitment to quality.

2. By operating a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001:2008 standard, we ensure the good quality of our products and strive to achieve a zero error rate.

3. We achieve the constant quality of our products in accordance with the customer’s needs by continuously controlling the materials used, production and strict observance to the quality parameters. We set the same high level of requirements for our subcontractors.

4. We make all our employees aware that the basis for the successful operation of the company is the high-quality operation and development of our quality management system

3021 Lőrinci, Herédi út hrsz. 050/30. info@balogmetal.hu